What we've done

Emprende Don; entrepreneurship workbook editorial design. Workbook to inspire, help and guide people who are looking to start their own business. The idea behind the design was to maintain the overall image of Don Koenigsegg, to bring his essence to life in a book visually. As the content of the book is very valuable the goal was for the design to match that level of professionalism. 

Branding. Editorial design.

Sean McCoy Mortgage Team; mortgage broker team based in L.A. The main goal of the project was to create a recognizable self-brand. Stand out visually in the mortgage community. We wanted to create an image independent of the traditional mortgage-banking visual style and migrate to a more juvenile, clean, and minimalist style (more related to start-ups). The result was an overall cleaner look and experience, the color palette is meant to represent the seriousness as well as the edginess of the business.

Web design. Branding.

Mauricio Carrandi; online photography gallery. A place to showcase Mauricio Carrandi’s work. E-commerce website designed as user-friendly as possible, easy to use and intuitive. A small rebranding was created to modernize the brand, the color palette is meant to contrast with Mauricio’s photographic style and at the same time communicate a refreshment in his visual online image. 

Web design. Online store. Rebranding.

Blizz; the newest alcoholic sparkling water in the Mexican market. A concept born to stand out from the classic hard seltzer, Blizz "soft seltzer" intends to become the go-to "healthy" drink or mixer. Should be able to catch the eye of the consumer just by the way it looks. We created a visual approach meant to stand out, that conveys reliability and a sense of intrigue. The typographic logo's goal is to communicate boldness and simplicity. The packaging design is minimalistic with pastel accents, the color black is for the can to disrupt and visually stand out among hundreds of other cans.


Ms. Koenigsegg; anonymous instagram account where the love for cars and speed is shared continuously. The goal is to emphasize femininity through pink colored cars to prove car environments are also for women to enjoy. Our involvement comes with the editing of certain images to meet the color standards required by the client.

Social media content development.

Fortia; provider of debit card financial services. Fortia is an app that provides everything you need to control your money. Originally the brand was born a couple of years ago, so we created a simple rebranding (to make it seem modern), migrating from Fortia to Fortia Financial Services. The logo was slightly adjusted, the design of the debit cards was modernized, and the UX/UI of the mobile app was created. The main goal of the project was to develop an interface that allowed the user to track their money, spending and send money to other banks, all with the best experience possible. The design is simple and minimalistic but conveys the reliability and seriousness a financial institución needs.

UX/UI. Branding.

Boycott Zoos; social media project. The main goal was to use the power of social networks to bring awareness into an unseen perspective of the lives of animals' in captivity. Created to share photographs along with relevant, hand-selected information. with the purpose of creating an information network, to bring light to the unknown facts, to provide information in a way people will want more. Design-wise the color palette is grayscale, black and white. There is no use of other colors and we don't show the photographed animals' eyes. All pictures are from animals in captivity.

Social media content development.

Macarena Medel; independent artist Macarena Medel has a unique visual style, her branding had to be a reflection of her work. The goal of this project was to represent her in a way that you’d know her artistic style just by looking at her business card. We turned her art into color and typography. This has been one of our favorite results so far, as we managed to create something truly special and unique, just like Macarena Medel.